February 3, 2019 Winter 2018-19

Winter 2018-19

Fall went quickly and Winter fell even more. The colored leaves were only here for a short time and then snow came early. After the harvest, we took some time to work on projects around the farm. The completion of the farmhouse kitchen called for great rejoicing, celebrated by pancakes with the last of our maple syrup made last winter from our own trees.

During a warm weekend in December, we stripped the deteriorated cedar shingles from the old barn. Then we covered it with tarps (recycled billboards actually) for the winter. This is a step towards restoration of this beautiful building.

Our chickens endured the polar vortex of January that brought temperatures of -20F and wind chill down to -38F. Those extra-sensational weatherman noted that it was colder in the Midwest than both Alaska and Antarctica. Some of their combs and waddles were frost-bitten, but they were so happy when warmer days returned.

Autumn leaves
Snow at the Bear Creek
Taking the cedar shingles off the old barn
The old barn with tarps on its roof., under the moon above.
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